Moulin a Nef

Moulins à Nef, Agen.
Moulins à Nef, Agen, 17th century

Moulin à Nef is the name of the VCCA-France facility in Auvillar. It’s composed of three buildings at 16, 17 and 18 Esplanade du Port, the terrace and the hill behind the buildings up to the road that leads to Auvillar. The name Moulin à Nef comes from the floating grain mills that anchored in the current of the Garonne until the early 19th century.

The three buildings are:

  • La Cloucado – a reference to a celebrated Occitan literary group in Auvillar called “La Cloucado Macabrun”. Others have said it’s Occitan for “hen and chicks”. Ground floor is the office of the Resident Director, with a small apartment upstairs.
  • La Cebo –  “Onion” in Occitan. This building houses 4 studio spaces. On the ground floor is a large flex space originally set up as a ceramic studio, but used also as artist studio(s), classroom, dining area and theater. Upstairs are three studios suited for visual artists, writers, composers. There is a washroom on each level.
  • Maison Vieilhescaze – named after the former owner, Pierre Vieilhescaze, this wonderful house dating from the 1600s is the artists’ residency with four bedrooms, kitchen and large dining/living area.
From left to right: La Cloucado, terrace, La Cebo and the Maison Vieilhescazes, with La Garonne in the background. Facing northeast.